The Sacroiliac Joint – A Layman’s Experience

by Rupert Berryman

1. This document relates a personal experience as the result of having a course of varying treatments for a bad back initiated in the Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar in 1971. It appears that little was understood about sacroiliac joints (see Note 1) at this time and previous knowledge of sacroiliac joints gained many years previously had been nullified by the mainstream medical profession (see Note 2).

2. The events recorded in this document all occurred, however there may be very slight nuances of detail that are not quite exact. Of necessity I have missed some detail out, but believe I have captured the main points. The written material is taken from notes I made some years ago.

3. I am not a medical professional. The document records what I experienced. The conclusions are based upon an assembly of the overall experience and logic.